Hello All,

We are just moving into the area of reviews and thought I would drop this page into the site as a placeholder more than anything else.  We will always advise if we have been sent items to review under a free of charge rule or if I have paid for an item and review it- whichever it is the review will be honest and I feel that while the odd negative review will pop out most will be positive.

To kick us off the we have a started on a small scale but will be adding a couple new reviews hopefully on a monthly basis.

I am always on the lookout for items to review and if you fall into the following category and want us to review your product then drop me an email to stating the product and any information you think I need and I am sure we can arrange a review for you as soon as we get the item.

  • Gadgets
  • Xbox One or PS4 games
  • Adventure Cameras
  • Monthly Subscription based crates (nerdbox, lootcrate etc…)
  • Anything dad related
  • Anything related to kids in the ages of 6 – 12 for boys

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