Diary of a Working Dad is a blog about being a dad in the 21st century, what it’s like to be a parent today and all the joys and sadness, highs and lows it brings. This was started as a small project between a few mates who all sit around chatting about being a dad and working to keep the family going.  I will however from time to time work with brands to review products etc… these bring in a little cash to keep the site ticking over and help establish us, based on this this is the disclosure statement.

If a post has ‘sponsored’ in the title or has a line at the bottom of a post that states these was brought to you in partnership with xxxx this will have been paid for by said brand  or a PR acting on its behalf.

Posts that are labelled as ‘review’ are just as they sound. We may keep the products in question as payment in kind for promoting the brand or product.

While we may recieve payment and or a product the review will always be honest and forthright and will be the opinion only of www.Diaryofaworkingdad.eu – while we recieve PR release that include copy we may use this for information only but always write our own reviews and thoughts.