About Me

Hi all, OK so I am the Working Dad. A regular joe called Darren who lives in Ireland, I am married and have 2 boys, 12 (Dylan) and 6(Liam) and have a wonderful wife (Jodi). We live in a small house with massive negative equity (as most people in Ireland) We both work – myself during the week mainly office based as a senior manager and my wife works most weekends as a care assistant. This leads to little family time as what we do get we try and make the most of.

I am going to try and update on a regular basis my own thoughts and that of my mates on raising a family in ireland – what the kids get up to, dealing with long term illness for the younger of the kids and what they means being the eldest also. what works and what does not.

As I am a big nerd and geek I was speaking with a few mates I decided I could start a blog outlining the trials and tribulations, highs and lows of being a working dad, stuff that gets on our nerves, stuff that makes us smile. we talk about gadgets, games, tech, home cinemas, films, the good ol’ days etc…

I hope you like this blog, I hope you can share and pass onto others if it stirs a little emotion in you.


Thanks for stopping by