Getting back to what i want

OK its been a hell of a past few months with different stuff going on but i really need to get back to what I want to do…. More blogging, gaming, having a little more fun..

Whats been going on, Well, lots in the workplace, lots of changes in staff, major software project and lots of spanners in the works. As far as the house, Well I am reclaiming my Xbox, rather i bought myself a new Xbox with ONE controller, for me. The kids have the older xbox one s upstairs and i have a new version down stairs. I have some new tech on the way for review, some new phones and a few new games also.

The next few weeks I will be in Kusadasi in Turkey with the family for a welcome break, seems like an age ago we came back from Mexico but this will be fun and like going home. Kusadasi is great for a trip with the family and I just found out my best friends family is also there so might take the opportunity to meet up for a drink or two.

the back is still split, more MRI’s and another consultant but we shall see where that leads, hoping surgery before the year is out but will need to plan that around some work stuff.




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