Cancun here we come..

November is the right time to take a break, dead of winter just before the xmas madness kicks in….A few months back my wife and I were invited to a wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Her cousin who moved from Achill Island to Canada met a Mexican woman and they are getting married in November and sent out the invites for us back in Ireland to attend. To be honest, it’s not like popping down the road and dropping a few quid in a card, this was a completely unexpected expense and needed good planning.

First off, Cancun has had some very bad press in the last while with shooting between rival drug cartels, to say I am uneasy would put it mildly but no tourist has been injured so I decided to go for it. Even though i have read posts on TripAdvisor such as the below;

We felt perfectly safe until a shootout 1 resort up the beach from ours occurred. My wife and I were at the waters edge directly in front of our resort. We heard popping and everyone hit the sand. My wife saw puffs of sand from what we could only assume were bullets landing near her. We then ran for the stairs to our resort. Scariest moment of our lives. It’s all relative which is why the difference of opinion on this site. Had he left one day earlier, we would have said we felt safe as well. Many people on this site compare it to areas in the US that have high crime rates and shootings. It is a good comparison I guess, except you don’t vacation with your family in areas that gangs and dealers are fighting over the corners. In Cancun, the “corner” is the stretch of sand in front of your “safe resort”, the beach shootings are usually aimed at “beach vendors”. In addition to selling you whatever seemingly harmless item they are openly selling, most of them are also pushing drugs, hence rival cartel members shooting them. I have to been Cancun 6 times and have loved it every other time but will never return after our last experience. It is only a matter of time before a tourist is killed by a stray bullet. Everyone will make their own choice and most will never experience the terror that we did, but in my opinion there are plenty of other options with less risk.

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The US is also running a Level 2 Advisory for Mexico and Cancun here >

So what to do, While i did hover on the cancel bookings we have decided to go to Cancun however, if a tourist is killed or even injured then we are out, it’s just not worth the risk to us or the kids.  It’s now a matter or news watching and keeping the fingers crossed in the hope we get our sun break in over the water….. here’s hoping.


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