Money Saving Tips for Xmas 2018

So the new year is here and boy its a long time to get from the end of Dec payday to end of Jan – here are a couple of savings plan I use to take the sting out of the holiday spending. 

So Xmas 2017 has been and gone and last year i set a task to tackle the 52 week savings plan. In short, you start in week one of the year and save €1, €2 for wk 2, €3 for wk 3 and so on. The beauty of this is you start with low input and build up over the year and can gain nearly €1400 for xmas.  See below example plan in USD but the values are the same for Euro, Pound or whatever.


The next plan is a 1cent a day plan to gain about €700 extra saved and is really pocket change to gain a little extra for the magic holidays. The scheme works by putting one penny away on the first day and adding an extra penny to that amount each of the following days. It means on the final day you will put €3.65 into your piggy bank, bringing the total amount saved in a year to €667.95.

Now here is something extra to add into the mix – speaking to a work colleague he suggested inverting the amount paid in, so for both saving, challenges start with the biggest amount and work backwards so the smallest outlay is at Xmas time.

Try it and you will have a little extra play money for xmas or even try it a year out from summer holidays spends one year to the next.


Happy saving

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