Herniated Disc and the pain…

First post in a while due to the dam pain but discovered i have a Herniated Disc..

So A couple years back i was at the gym doing some leg press weights and i felt a snap in my lower back. fast forward 18 months and the low level pain started to get worse.  Another few months forward and the pain is unbearable to the degree i hit the docs and after a MRI i have a Herniated Disc.  Lesson 1, hit the docs if you think you may have screwed your back up, but on the flip side i had some other symptoms and from this I am being screened for colon cancer. Not the greatest news in the world and while worried I am not turning to Dr Google  but rather waiting for the hopeful news that i dont in fact have cancer of the colon but rather something else we can deal with.  If I do have the big C then we deal with it in a positive way.

If nothing else I think i am a positive person and as such address things in a balanced way and from this I take everything on board and deal with facts ( just like Rafa) and the facts are early detection leads to better rate of dealing with it in a successful way. I have amazing support from my family and the wife is here with me so I am sure all will be fine.


Ouchy ^

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