Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEBT review

So lets get this started off the bat, these in ear Momentum’s are bloody amazing. 

So right off the bat These were sent over to me from Sennheiser and the PR crowd at as I had the Sennheiser M2 IE which after a few months the cable cover split at the headphone jack end. Now apart from this minor issue the quality of these headphones was amazing. However having a split at these were looked after very well was disappointing. So the guys sent over these wireless versions of the same ear buds.

While I have upgraded to an iPhone 7 and have no 3.5m port for regular headphones the timing was good to move into the wireless sector and see what the fuss was about. I have like most lived with wired headphones for my music for a lifetime so moving wireless while not a big leap was a leap into something new which i always love to do.  Funny thing  was after less than a day using I do not want to ever use wired headphones again, these are sooooo last century.

These M2 IEBT in ear wireless buds are again amazing in sound quality, they produce a rich sound-stage and when you get the silicone buds just right although if you get some Comply foam buds this can help further however i found the medium buds were perfect.  In fact they were so good at sound isolation that on a 3 Qtr volume i was unable to head 4 big trucks coming up the road behind me until they had passed! Brilliant but something to be aware of in case you forget and wonder into the road….

Using these with a defacto setting on Spotify or Google Music the base is just amazing, really surprises me that by a simple change of hardware from the Apple Buds to these its just a different level altogether. Its like going from the conference league into the premier league, the difference is that big. you just have a rich sound field with rich bass  great mid and highs reproduced. Also i noted that on certain songs there was a great sense of space.  This really come to the front when watching films on the way home. I am re watching Breaking Bad and some of the spatial sounds in early Season two episodes really stood out. Watching a Rogue One also produce some great sounds when the action took off from the battle in the last third of the film.  From a sound point of view I could not recommend highly enough.

Getting onto pairing and usage. Pairing could not have been more simple to be honest, turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone and turn on the headphones and pretty much done. I did not and continue to do so however that on some occasions in the morning when heading to catch my 6 am bus the ear phones do not auto connect to the phone, its sporadic at best and i have to nip into the phone and do a manual connect. unsure on this but its a minor issue.

With battery life getting me an easy 10 hr playback these are lasting dam near a weeks travel to work and back home again so 2 hrs a day travel time. Handy enough the phones will chime in to tell me ETA to battery life running out and its pretty accurate. Very easy to charge with a small micro usb port and i pop these onto charge when in the office so ready for home time when i leave.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Attractive design
  • Wonderfully clear and detailed sound
  • Tight, full-bodied bass
  • Expressive mids and highs

I could not recommended these highly enough if you are in the market to upgrade your earphones to wireless versions.  Also i lent these to a colleague for a day – dam i really missed the wireless set up, never again will i own wired buds, they are soooo last decade.


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