Sick kids a Bank Holiday weekend and a fun week ahead

Ok so Bank holiday weekends are great but one wrong move and your snookered. 

Liam has not been to bad over the last while but this last weekend he got a virus that seemed to effect a lot of kids with JIA. He was under the weather and sick so the bank holiday weekend was changed to take this into account.   Mum was working so i had planned and a couple of fun things to do but they went out of the window as it was a quite weekend in with him in the bed resting.

I took the opportunity to appreciate my new purchase of a 49″ LG TV and how amazing it looks with Rogue One shining across it. Alo getting an Nvidia Shield up and running properly with some web TV goodies and a number of emulation software to recount my days as a kid with Super Nintendo games, Sega Megadrive, the PC Engine which was way to pricey to ever buy. Amiga 1200hd a bobbins good computer which was the forerunner of today desktop PC’s. a windows based multitasking machine ahead of anything Steve Jobs came up with yet dropped off the radar .

After watching the football between running up and down stairs to make sure the little fella was ok herself was home from work, we settled to a quick meal and watched the boxing, great fight and well done to both.

The week ahead is going to be interesting, Charlie goes for another grooming session,  and then goes to the vets to be “fixed” – god knows what will happen and how he reacts when he awakes a couple of stones lighter.




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