Lego Batmobile #70905

So while late we got there with the LEGO Batmobile  #70905 

With all the best intentions in the world I could not finish the Batmobile any quicker, we have any amount of stuff going on in the house in the last frew weeks so have been delayed no end.  Onto the review

As is the case the bottom part of this review is full of photos so if thats what you are after then scroll down. The Batmobile is a complete departure from previous versions. I was looking for something else, no idea what but not what i got. To be honest i get flashes of the Tumbler from Batman begins. and also flashes of the the 60’s version with the red/black colour combo, als seeing flashes of Batman the animated series with the slatted grill. All in all its a beast of a batmobile.

Typical to LEGO is the ease of which the project comes together, each book will have you build the chassis, axle, wheel hubs etc one part of this build that stood out was that each wheel-hub needed to be assembled and attached with a rotating axle to line up all 4 wheels, having not seen the film yet I wonder if this plays a major role in the design of the car.

In true LEGO spirit this build was good. it took a little while but Liam really enjoyed the complex parts and slotting them all together, each wheel hub, with roof and the Lego mini figures all looking great.

All in all this is a great kit and if your a Batman fan pick one up ASAP.


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