Why am I more nervous for my son than he is?

Lets put some context behind the title of this post – My kid went for trials this week and I am really nervous for him..

If ye have followed this blog for a while you know that Dylan is a avid footballer, he has a great talent and has been playing for about 10 years for a few clubs. In all that time he has been single minded in his desire to become a professional, Now lets be honest thousands of kids say the same but only a handful ever make it. Some get close but most just drop away to do other things, like hand out with mates etc.

Dylan has stayed true, he has developed a great talent, has natural ability on the ball, reads the game well, uses his space, plays the game according to his ability not caring for size difference. Due to him being born late December he plays more than often against kids a near year older then himself.  In the last 18 months he moved from U13 team where he was good to a new club at u14 level and developed and really came into his own. Last summer he missed a chance to move into the premier team in his club due to being away in Australia. New year however he got another call and decided the time was right and after game one his new manager could see something in him. He sent him to Abbots Town the FAI base to train with NDSL academy and Irish U15 squad and while daunted he went and returned and was in the eye line.

Last week he was asked to trial for NDSL elite team to take part in the Super NI Cup. A competition run since the early 80’s for the best young talent around the world to play in. This event is sponsored by the English Premiership and has teams submitted from top clubs in UK, Spain, Germany, France, South America etc. This is a massive deal for any young player wishing to make it as a pro as all the top talent scouts from all top clubs attend. Dylan has no idea this is what he is in line to attend IF he is selected for the team.

I sit here at my desk looking and wishing for my phone to ring with positive news. I am sick with nerves and given how well he played last night at the trials where he and 3 other beat 40 others to trial for NDSL Cup team. He played in a 9v9 session where 4 players failed to show to make it a 11v11 but he played well given the circumstances however the choices to pick him is removed from me and we need to wait to find out what the verdict is. Given how much he wants to play pro ball I wish that he is picked but also know this could be the start of a big journey for him where NO is heard more than YEs when on trials.

If yes he will be included in a squad of great talent who will travel to Northern Ireland for a week which is another first. All big things for a little player from Ashbourne.   Really Really hop he gets a call, and its positive. IF not he told me something great last night in the car on the way home. If he is rejected he will ask for feedback and apply to his game for further trials down the line. Great frame of mind for a 14 year old.

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