Time is the enemy…

OK so maybe not so much the enemy but i dont have enough of it at the moment. 


Mrs DofaWD is now working every weekend until June and has been for some time so it means I am home with the kids at the weekend  keeping house.  Before anybody thinks otherwise its all good and I dont mind this at all, however holy crap there is zero time for anything. I have to still complete the Lego Batman reviews and Lego Police station. I have earbuds to arriave and need to find time to review these. I Dylan in his football team playing Sunday and now training on Sat with a 3rd session, Liam swimming and Taekwondo figths and grading. and if I am lucky walk Charlie and watch a little of a match.

Weekends are zipping by at a rate of knots so myself and herself are taking a well deserved break in the Cottages for Couples in Skibbereen, Cork in April. a couple retreat to pamper ourselves, stop and unwind before we kick off the summer busy season with exams and what not.

So Cottages for Couples – sounds like something a little funky but its a romantic trip away for couples to connect and have fun with the kids missing, somewhere, sure they will be fine on there tod for a couple of nights.  We are staying at The Barn at Grove House for two nights and are very much looking forward to the hot tub, jaccuzi, bed (no kids) romantic meals and a few drinks. going to be bloody excellent.

Dylan is now settled well into the new rules of iPad, iPhone useage. still a little grumbling but overall accepted the new time slots, The upturn in results from school has been great and he can see the difference a little structure has made, Also the inclusion of homework + study before weekend playstation is working well and forcing him to be a little more creative in study for exams. all good here.

Liam won best Irish speaker in school for speaking the most Gaelic in class over a week, the little bugger was determined to win that pricze and came out the blocks firing on all cylinders.


Charlie is in great health – 6kg pretty much reached his adult height and in great shape – although a booking is now made to give hi kthe snip so I will take a friday off in order to be with him, he will need all the support we can give him the poor little sod. waking up and then discovering to major assests now missing, Christ the thoughts! I found a great local area boxed off that he can have a great run out. ITs located not far from the house where Dylans old school used to be located and is empty so just require a little fence hop and all good. let off the lead no fear of a car accident and a little fetch can be had. He was blitzed yesterday after a run out so all good for him.


Happy Out winning best Gaelic Speaker


Happy puppy

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