Happy Monday folks

Hi Guys and a very happy Monday to all, 

Little catch up to the weekend fun in my place, So Friday – I get word that a cable i have been waiting on since before Xmas has arrived and it will fix my desktop PC that i managed to knock off my desk at home and smash. In short just before the trip to Oz i was compiling a film pack for the journey – 5 days before we leave and i stand up to adjust a curtain and when i turn my elbow catches the monitor which drops like a stone, hits the corner of the unit its on and drops and hits another corner of another table, two impact points and a smashed LCD.  While i had a Laptop as back up i was not a happy camper that morning. €200 later i replaced the panel but the cable is wrong so i order this but it takes forever – but Friday night i open a little box from Amazon, hook up the cable and power on the PC and YES it works…. job done, win 1 for me..

Win 2, quite Saturday! Win 3, Sunday morning up early bring Wife to work, back to get kids up and out for Taekwondo and Football, results as Liam passed his Poomsae grading and moves up two belts as he nailed it. He did say when the hall was filling that he was nervous as 200 odd people were watching but the kid nailed it and I was so proud. Then Dylan rocks up after his match and states he scored the first goal on his clubs new ground and also sets up 2 more one of which was a last second winner in a 5-4 game… YES. happy kids, happy dad and then….

Up early for work this morning and on the way to the bus stop i find a crisp frozen €20 note… life just is great sometimes.


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