Best Laid Plans and all that..

Three weeks running we try and finish the BatMobile from LEGO Batman film and yet again not done… 

In fairness these LEGO builds are a joint effort with the little fella and myself but I have a Bat-mobile 95% complete, it only needs the wheel hubs completed and attached and we are there. Liam for his best efforts again is sick, In short sickness and vomiting this weekend, last weekend he was mid treatment for extremely bad-skin infection that mad his skin look like myself and Mrs DoaWD took a cheese grater to him as some sort of hyper punishment.

Poor little sod took to bed on Friday night all excited that he had a Taekwondo fight in the morning and then hop to the shop for Match Attacks and a Curly Wurly treat then back for a lego build session. What really happened was up 1:45am Saturday morning getting sick all over the place. Then the ooh so nice neighbor decided to have a conversation in her car on the car phone for over an hour. at 2am.. COME ON PEOPLE. Just because you are in your car on your car phone does not mean you cannot be heard, its still crazy loud and by the way that conversation i dont think your partner would be too pleased about if they heard the content….WOW!

Dylan had some quite simply amazing news in his quest to become a footballer, He was selected to take part in a session in Abbots Town with Irish Under 15’s and NDSL eleite team with a view to moving onto these in the Emerging Talent Program for young Irish footballers. From here he is playing in front of scouts all the time so things are looking good for him. Best of all however is two recent exams both 100% and he has settled into his new rules for iPad and iPhone usage very well. He has pulled back a little from the group he hung out with but the great thing is Football training and gym is first all the time, there is a natural break there that keeps him on a good road.

Belwo are a couple of pics from the BatMobile and figures. hoping that this week we can complete the build as its a bonkers looking car but next up is a BatCave….



IMG_0258 IMG_0248 IMG_0259



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