Passive Aggressive Bullying and late night PS4 sessions…

Bullying is the worst thing one person can do to another, I hate it and hate is a strong word but it really gets to m as I have seen and experienced it on so many levels. Now my eldest has been trapped by bullying and we need to figure a way through this. 

In short Dylan has had a little issue lately with staying up late on his iPad and then iPhone, we addressed this and now have the devices off at 9:45 pm until 8am, sorted or so we thought… I had a request from Facebook to confirm a password change that i did not ask for. For the most part I would blow this email off but for some reason i decided to reset my password but Facebook decided to ask me to review my recent activities, again i would normally ignore but i decided to have a quick browse of what Facebook has told me i have done.

Something popped up which did not make sense, Youtube and Spotify usage! I rarely use either so seeing these as recent actives was strange and even more so the times, 1 am or there about’s for a few days running?  It then dawned on me, the PS4. Dylan was on the PS4 late at night was was leaving the TV off and hooking up earbuds to the controllers to listen to music.

So on the merry go round we get and challenge him again. He comes clean however has a meltdown and starts sobbing. Really crying and states that it helps him relax and forget about the mess with his “friends”.  So after we calm him down we then find out all is not well with his friends and there is a large peer pressure to attend a local teens club night.  We clear this up but then on review of his Viber account we see a so called “friend” passive aggressively bullying Dylan and trying to control not only his friends, but a potential “girlfriend” that Dylan may like. He starts a private chat with her and asks her to rate Dylan then slags him off a number of times in the thread.

The kid is sensitive enough but could not see what was happening, this other kid has been manipulating there friendship and who Dylan has access to and when. While we told Dylan we cannot pick his friends but we can advise that this behavior is wrong and he needs to keep it in check.  Dylan had a good weekend in that he was grounded but helped me around the house with a few bits, Did great study and homework and was allowed on the PS4 in the afternoon.  We actively keep an eye on Dylan and keep in contact with a number of other parents so we can keep these guys in check. When did being a parent get so bloody hard?


For the record the PS4 now lives in the same rules set as the iPad and is off wifi at 9:45pm each night.


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