Late night iPad action

Late night iPad sessions with iPhone and poor exams results = major ban and grounding from mum and dad…

Ok lets get a little back story here, Dylan has had an iPad for a while since starting high school and has also had a phone since confirmation. On the whole he has been excellent and we had no worries on his exam results until this past Xmas.  Xmas exams were coming up and we noted little in terms of revision but given excellent exam results we left him to his on devices, we did note however that he seemed to be cramming the night before an exam and wanted to head out with is mates.


This was all well and good until mum spotted a paper in his bag with a couple of results on it, results were not good. He dropped from A’s & B’s to B’s & C’s with a D for good measure. Both mum and I were unhappy as he is a very good student but dropped the ball on this big time. We had a chat one evening and told him that his approach to the exams was not working and from now one 4 weeks before exams his revision starts with a plan and 3 weeks before he will not be allowed out in the evening until the weekend. This was week of Dec 11th

All “seemed” ok until the week xmas and it was late at night – It was 2am and I awoke for a drink and just as i come out of the bedroom so did Dylan, iPad in hand and stunned that dad was on the landing, “Whats going on here” i say “errmm, i was asleep and the iPad lit up and i forgot i had to plug it in so yeah, just plugging it in……”

That so did not fly with me and told him this would be addressed in the morning. So morning comes and I am mad as a box of frogs and mum just as bad but we keep a lid on it until he gets back from school. With in minuets of walking in the door he admits that he has been kept up at night on the ipad etc until very late. This in turn meant he was shattered getting up (something that mum passed off as him growing and teenagers in general are slow starters) , in turn he was too tired for school and as such exam results suffered and we now know why he was not in great form.

Instant grounding for a week, banned off phone and iPad, banned off PS4, all over xmas week…. Brilliant but he accepts it and we move on. New rules were introduced for iPad usage and iPhone as he got a new iPhone for his birthday just after xmas.

A new outlook for 2017 since he started back to school, Ipad is set to be switch off from the WiFi router via a MAC address white-list and rule setting at router level. iPhone set to have all apps disable at 9:45 each night before school. 10:30 weekend nights. both devices MUST be out of room school night 9:45 and plugged in ready for the next day.  Saturdays were homework day from Friday but now include 1 hr study session for subjects that suffered the most from Xmas exams, also if pending exam use the time to revise for this. Outcome of this has been a nicer child not stuck in his device, not struggling to get up in the morning, not as moody, first exam of 2017 was Spanish = 100% and back to normal here.

We also noted on his banning of devices he was so much more talkative. This will now continue and Dylan is very much aware that new rules in play will be here a while. Given we have been very much able to manage and place rules on the kids from early on this was not that much of a hardship but be warned try and implement rules on devices where you have been completely open to them having devices when they want and you will come up against a brick wall.



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