14 and now looking to go to a nightclub?

So my little boy is 14 – and wow did he ever grow up quick…

I dont know if all parents are like this but i know the people i talk too can really relate, I find myself wondering in awe at where the last 14 years have gone? 15 years ago we found out we were pregnant and expecting what would be baby number one. An amazing bouncing baby boy that arrived with a flurry but was whisked away from us in a heartbeat for emergency surgery moments after being born. Since then Dylan has grown and then some, he is now 14 years old gone is the little boy who held my hand going to school or to the shops, The little fella who wanted nothing more than to sit up and cuddle his way to sleep and now we have the bones of a young man that by and large is a delight to be around.

OK he has off days but christ we all do, there are days he speaks without forethought, there are days he is real funny, there are days he acts grumpy but i see him smile at dad jokes. but the day is here where he has asked to go to a club called The Wright Venue in Swords.

We knew this would come but still find ourselves at odds with this decision, on the one hand we hear horror stories of what happens at these tupe of club nights for teens, on the other we need to let him experience the social aspects of nights like these. Speaking to a friend he said we could give him a number of passes for the year, say 5 – he then has to figure out which 5 days to use these on, however he cannot go the evening before a match or if training is the same night training is first in line.

While we hear stories we ultimately will let him go, he needs to experience nights out with his mates but rules will apply with a strict pick up time an hour before close and i will be in the area just in case something happens.

Some times i wish he would stop growing up….. just be a kid a little while longer

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