A Tale of Halloween disappointment.

This past Halloween my little boy went out trick or treating, it did not go so well..

In short Liam was looking forward to Halloween, dressing up and like all kids getting out there and collecting a massive bag of treats. Well this year he did just that., dressed as a Clone Trooper he was all set to go. Dylan (Liam’s Brother) and a couple of his friends took Liam and looked after him as he made the rounds with bag in hand all excited.

20 mins passed and he arrived back at the house with a look of such sadness. 2 houses from over 40 or 50 opened the door and gave him a pack of sweets, TWO that’s it!!! He was devastated he came in sat down with a very sorry looking sack of sweets and was so upset that the biggest tear seemed to make its way down his cheek in slow motion. He held back more tears until mum called to see how he got on and try as i might he was so upset he went up to his bedroom alone and watched a little TV. Any time i tried to get him to dress up again and come out with me for another run he just said he was too tired.

It was quite upsetting to see this kid who was so looking forward to collecting a bounty of sweets reduced to tears due to people not giving a crap and joining in the fun.

Jump to Tuesday (yesterday) Dylan and his friends got together and planned something so kind that it brought a lump to mine and Jodi’s throat. They took it upon themselves to make a collection of their own of a big bag full of sweets, using there own pocket money they went to the shops to get a few extra bits and brought them around to Liam as a surprise.

Then putting there own half term day aside they decided to spend the day playing with Liam and really made him feel like one of the gang.

He spent all afternoon and evening playing with the lads and was just so happy.

Teenagers get a bad rap at times but Dylan and his friends I think are turning into some true gentlemen and will go very very far with this attitude – To say i am proud of them all is an understatement – but I am so massively proud of Dylan for looking after his little brother in this way…. I think we are doing an OK job with him….

Love you kid

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