Cost of a pup has become very evident!

As you may be aware we got our amazing little pup “Charlie” recently. and the cost is mounting already..

If you are thinking of a puppy then read this for an indication of costs in the first few weeks. To get a couple of points out of the way, 1) The cost is what we have experienced and not for every puppy, 2) If the below outlining cost is too much please do not take on a pup as it could lead to complications very very quickly.

So lets outline the cost that we have incurred over the last few weeks.

  1. Sundries (including Crate, harness, lead, bowls etc..) – €120
  2. Vet first visit for vaccinations and meds for ear-mites – €134
  3. Vet – second visit for blood in stools and runny stools – €45 (includes some meds)
  4. Vet – third visit for chest infection (god knows where this one came from!) € 75 consultation plus meds
  5. Charlie €250
  6.  First puppy food – €15
  7. Toys – €20

So €659 in just over 4 weeks, now we have included in the first vet visit a 6 week free pet insurance with Allianz which we have decided to extend to the full year which i think is very important and that adds a further €250 into the mix.

As you can see its not bloody cheap at all but the benefits far outweigh the cost, we planned for a while for a pup however we did not think of the little fella getting ill so quickly. Some how either from eating a slug to us taking him out he picked up a nasty little chest infection which sounded like he had mucus on the lungs. He was not lethargic, off his food or water, had loads of energy but it still needed sorting and its only 3 days in for his meds and all looking good.

Slugs are an ongoing issue, pup seems to think these are a supplemental diet requirement and so we are always on the look out to try and prevent him eating these. however pups being pups he finds a way   🙄

Benefits – Amazing little friendly puppy, kids love him, I love getting up in the morning and he sits on my lap while i wait to leave for the bus, Funny little ways he has, took him upstairs for the first time and put him down on the carpet, he just crouched not knowing what to do, looking up as it was all new to him.  We also found that loads of people will stop and talk when you have a dog. people that would have walked by before but now want to chat about Charlie and how he is.  He is starting to make the garden his own when the cat walk through. and has the smallest bark i have heard in the dog, i am sure he thinks he is bigger than he actually is?

So 4 weeks into puppy ownership nearly a thousand euro lighter in the pocket but would not have it any other way




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