Binge Watch like a pro with some NETFLIX Hacks

Most people I know now have Netflix or Amazon Prime alongside there Sky Sub. I went on the hunt to find out how to binge watch like a pro with these services, dive in to take a look. 

Be the master of your domain


Netflix accounts are a low-priced commodity on the dark web. So you should really make sure you have a unique password for your account. You can also see whether or not your account has been compromised already — If you suspect your account has been hacked change the passed straight away to restrict further access.

Know the shortcuts

Why keep going through menus just to rewind a video? Learn these shortcuts and you’ll have a better time binge-watching:

F = full screen
M = mute
Up arrow = volume up
Down arrow = volume down
Spacebar = play/pause
Shift + Left Arrow = rewind
Shift + Right Arrow = fast-forward
ESC = exit full screen

Learn the Smart TV tricks

On top of that, there are more advanced shortcuts you need to be aware of, which will help you improve your visual experience even if you’re dealing with a bad Internet connection.

4K or bust… or Full HD, at least

Binge On might throttle your video quality when on the go, but you can watch Netflix in 1080p or even 4K while at home. Head into your Netflix Settings and video quality to learn how to stream Netflix at the best possible quality.

Use your iPhone/Android as a remote

In addition to desktop shortcuts, you can use your iPhone as a handy remote to control video playback as long as you’re watching Netflix on an Apple TV. Meanwhile, a Chromecast can do wonders too, when coupled with the Netflix mobile app.

Set up multiple profiles


Profiles are great even if you’re not sharing your Netflix password with anyone else. Set up multiple profiles inside Netflix so that each of them gets recommendations based on certain parameters. For example, you can make a profile for TV series, one for comedies and one for documentaries.

Hunt for hidden categories


Speaking of movie genres, by now you know that Netflix has thousands of them. That’s why you need the Chrome extension Super Browse, as well as the content discovery site Flixed (image below) to help you navigate them right inside your browser.


Tell Netflix what you like

You can also tell Netflix what you like by going to My Account and then Taste Preferences. That way, Netflix will recommend movies and shows you’re more likely to be interested in.

Clear your viewing history

Want to remove some of those embarrassing shows from your past? You weren’t always able to, but you can now. Just go to My Account and in the Viewing activity page, remove anything that you don’t want to appear in your history.


Keep up with the content cycle

Every month, Netflix removes and adds a new show, and BGR will tell you all about it. But there are plenty of services that will help you make sure you don’t miss out on some of your favorite shows: Instant Watcher, Now Streaming andWhatsOnNetflixNow are just a few.

Watch movies somewhere else

There’s a website called Where to Watch that will tell you where to find a film in case Netflix doesn’t have it, either because it didn’t get it yet, or has removed it.

Watch Netflix while you work

The Helium floating (and transparent) browser is a cool piece of software that lets you watch Netflix on top of everything else that’s on your computer. It might kill your productivity, but it does bring Netflix to work.

Binge with someone across the planet

Have a loved one who you want to watch a certain Netflix show with, but they’re away from home? You can both use Showgoers (a Chrome extension) to sync your Netflix watching experiences.

VPN it if you can

The best movie catalog on Netflix is the one in the U.S., but you can only access it via VPN if you’re outside of the country. That’s if you’re willing to pay for VPN and go through the inevitable cat-and-mouse game that has begun between Netflix and VPN providers.

Search through every Netflix library in the world

Netflix uNoGS

If you do want to use Netflix with a VPN service, then uNoGS will help you search for content in any country and see what’s available.

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