The Adventure of Charlie

A couple of weeks ago we got out new puppy Charlie and wow what a whirlwind of fun.. 🙂 

As some readers may recall a couple of weeks back we got a new puppy called Charlie who is a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Well a little update on the little fella, he is doing great after a iffy start to life in our mad house.

Night one brilliant, and to be honest every night he has been amazing in his crate. Training in the crate is going so so well that he knows that it is his space and when he goes to bed at night he settles straight away and more often than not will sleep right through.

He did catch a little tummy bug after a couple of days, so a quick vet trip to check weight (1.95kg), temp, eyes and everything is all good so he got a little tube of brown goo to chomp on with some nice wet food to settle the tummy. His weight is now 2.35kg and he has got over the bug.

We have him on some dry kibble which he is getting used to and he has boundless energy and is running in the garden like a tornado. This Friday is another vet visit for final vaccination and then we can start to look into walks which will be great given the energy this fella has.

All in all Charlie is really a part of the family now and is so settled into our house. When i got in form work yesterday he was having a little rest in the create, when i walked into the front room he jumped up and run over tail wagging and was really happy to see me, now if he can teach the kids this trick it would be bloody great.



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