Reckless parents and parenting

Be warned its a bit of a rant….

In the last number of weeks/months I have experienced some completely reckless parenting and wonder how some people manage to have the IQ to even open there eyes in the morning. Why have I come to this? In short In the last few months I have seen parents of children, openly admit and have no comprehension of the consequences to driving with out the following:-

  • No valid license
  • No Insurance
  • No valid car worthiness certificate

When challenged they denote that if they crash they will falsify identity (god knows how they think that will work is beyond me…) but worst of all they carry a 2 yr old kid in the car with them GRRRRrrrrrrrr.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago i see a adult with a 4yr old sitting on there lap while they were driving down the local high street. Not only no belt but just sitting at the wheel. It strikes me that we need a license to fish, own a dog, but not to be a parent. Why the hell not? Some parenting are subjecting there kids to such bad life choices that they are teaching the kids that it is perfectly fine and acceptable to act like total asshats.

Where possible I will and sometimes do report such offences, on a personal level i think it close to child abuse to have kids in your car with out proper restraints and then carry them in a car etc with out insurance, how much of a selfish person do you have to be to do such a stupid thing in the first place.




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