Welcome to our new puppy “Charlie”

We did it, we only managed to get a 11 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel..

Last week we were told that a friend of a friend had a litter of puppies both parents Cavalier King Charles, dad IKC registered mum not and all puppies healthy and were we interested.  After a few moments we decided to contact the owner and go have a look. After a few questions and getting a good feel for the owner and to the best of our ability deciding this was not a puppy farm we took a lovely tri-colour home with us.

The big discussion with both kids was a name, what was our new family member going to be called? after a number of failed “Pokemon” names were thrown out we started to get the kids thinking in a normal manner and coming up with normal names. Given my love of films we had a nice little list to pick from with film related names, the short list was:-

  • Ripley – From Alien
  • Charlie – Willy Wonka and for Gene Wilder – Also Professor Charles Xaviar from X-Men
  • Woody – Toy Story
  • Buzz – As above
  • Ash

Given Gene Wilder just passed away and himself being a Cavalier King Charles it had to be Charlie – but his full title is Professor Charles Xavier II.   Charlie is now in a very very short time a fully fledged member of the family, the kids love him to bits, although Liam is a little tentative and can be a little nervous but is getting there. Dylan is very gentle, almost too much but loves the pup. Mrs Doawd is sooo in love with the new guy and I have spent so much time from Thursday to yesterday and this morning bonding with pup, training, getting him used to his crate which he loves, getting him used to us and our home.

He is sleeping pretty much through the night, I am awake daily at 5:20am so i have shifted this back to 5am wake up call in order to give Charlie a walk in the morning, then back into the crate to settle for Jo and the morning school activity. Jo will have her hands full today trying to get stuff done but given he now can be in his crate and settles while we do a few bits is great. Hi gets plenty of play time and a 15 min walk daily. He is great at going to the loo outdoors and only had a couple of accidents in the house which was out fault anyway.

All in all a good few days for pup, now we need to crack on with training and walking on a lead with a harness. #lovelife with a new puppy.



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