Back to School rolls around again???

WOW seems like yesterday that the boys finished up and we headed out to Australia, now we are back already..

So Late June Dylan had been finished school three weeks and Liam was just about there, we packed our bags and headed down to Oz for a mad trip of a lifetime. This week seemed miles away and was not in anyone’s thoughts. This morning Dylan got a rude awakening with having to get up at 7am to make sure he is ready to walk out the door at 8:20 and be in school for 8:30.

The summer days have passed with late the boys going to bed later than normal, nothing to mad though and then up later as a result and while Dylan has a three day head start on Liam both got a shock with back to normal routines being address last night.

To be fair to Dylan is fine with going back to school, grades are great, his attitude is great he loves to be around friends and always tries hard. Liam like wise enjoys school and loves to play with his friends. If I look at the financial aspect this year is so much cheaper than last year as Dylan’s major expenses were done last summer, thank god as I was stoney broke the last week.

Time will again fly by to next summer, I have a way of breaking down the year and from now it goes like this;

  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Mid Term Break in Oct and a birthday
  • Xmas – 4 pay days left people!!!
  • My Birthday in Feb
  • St Patricks Days in March
  • Easter
  • Couple of family Birthdays in May
  • Job Done as we hit Summer 2017.

So there we have it. School has just started and I have it planned out to May 2017 and back to summer. Lets see what the next year holds and what adventures we get up to .




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