76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum – Review

Here we are again with a new LEGO set from the new MARVEL Doctor Strange film..

So the good folks over at LEGO and Norton and Co sent over the new LEGO 76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum for me to build and review with Liam. This is a great little set filled with some great detail for the movie and comic buff.

Th box art is top notch from LEGO as only it can be with great images from Doctor Strange and his Sanctum. With a weird inter-dimensional traveling creature trying to burst through a portal  and grabbing a mini LEGO figure Liam was really looking forward to building the set.

With a day clear in the busy household we grabbed his little table cracked open the box and set to work.  Time wise we had this licked in little over two hours, thats 2 hours with lots of interruptions mind you. The great bit about this site as said before is the details, little envelops, maps, books, Top Hat and Skull that make up such an interesting room for Doctor Strange to have adventures in. There are a couple of really cool elevator rods that make it look like thme ini figures are floating in mid air which really looked cool.

I found that Liam when this was built came back to it the day after and joined it into his LEGO Minecraft set to have a joint adventure with all the LEGO mini figures. he must have spent a good hour in the floor messing with both sets. One aspect he really took to was the way in which you can turn a dial on the back of the set to rotate the tentacles of the creature which looks like it is eating a mini figure.

Although quite a wuick easy set to build I would rank this set quite highly given the details noted above and the extra ability to have moving “alien bits” as Liam would say. Once the film is out I am sure this will be another hit from LEGO.

Lots of photos below and a big thanks to Emma in Norton and Co and LEGO for providing the set for this review.




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