Zap-It Review, no more itching

I wonder what it would be like to not react so much to a mozzie bite when away, Zap-It is the key

I was recently in Port Douglas, Queensland for 4 weeks with my family and one of the things people kept saying was to watch out for the spiders and snakes. To be honest it got to a point where the wife was expecting a line of snakes to greet us off the plane when we landed in Cairns Airport. We landed and to no surprise there was nothing to greet us apart from amazing sunshine and views of the rain forest.

We got out and about and after a few days went onto the beach at 4 mile and it was just amazing but that night myself and Mrs DofaWD were covered in bites from mozzies. both of us sat there scratching our legs and arms, then i remembered we brought with us a little device called Zap-It, A small but effective piezo device that generates a harmless and mild (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low electrical impulse created by crystals (this same technology is commonly used in clocks, lighters and guitar pickups) to deliver harmless little ‘zaps’ which take the itch and scratch out of mozzie bites.


So this is a little device you can pack away but do not forget you have it, maybe throw it in your toiletries bag and not buried in the luggage with the rest of the clothes. when you feel you have been bitten and its starting to itch you place the small square area of the device on your skin on the bite, pull the trigger and zap a small pinch is sent to the bite. press it a few times to make it more effective and it really kills the itch.  Its so mild in application my 6 year old was able to use it with not so much as a twitch.

Do your selves a favor and pick up a Zap it online or from a local retailer to cure that mad itching.



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