We are expecting………..

OK so its not a baby but we are getting a puppy into the household…

After many years of discussion we have agreed as a family to get a puppy into our little house, by little i mean we have a 2 bed terraced house  with a decent garden but we can have a small dog.  For years it was a case of “when we get a bigger house we get a dog.” However as we are not moving for a while and Liam and Dylan are that bit bigger plus looking at a small dog is an option that we have all agreed would work.

So the first questions was What type of dog should we get? we have a defined list which we agreed was the best starting point.

  • Needs to be small – no more than 12 inches full grown
  • Short Hair
  • Good temperament
  • Good with kids
  • Can be trained

We have already got the garden ready, got the dog bowls, lead, harness, collar, chew toys, crate for training and sleeping and a few more bits. We have been for the last while telling Liam that when puppy is sleeping in the crate to leave it be. I have been looking at training videos to try and get a head start on training tips, however…Taking the above into account we are looking at a a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Cavachon (King charles mixed with a Bichon). Now the major issue here is where to obtain/buy/adopt a puppy. We have been alerted to the many instances of puppy farms and want to avoid these at all cost, but how? I was reaching out to the IKC and get no reply, its very very hard to find what we want from dogstrust.ie or other well run animal welfare places in ireland although we keep looking everyday.

If you know of a puppy from a good home that is a match please email or PM me through twitter etc.

I am sure you will see a little video of our new arrival when we find one and will follow the adventures of puppy on an ongoing basis.



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