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TravelSnug is a lifesaver for parents traveling with young kids on long haul flights. 

So the great folks over at TravelSnug popped over one of the travelsnugs for review on our recent travels to Australia and back. What is a ravel Snug i hear you cry. Well in short it is a fleece blanket made into a sit on wrap around cushion for your kids to cuddle up in a sleep.

We get the item delivered via post ready for use and a little note to explain how to fold again as this can fox a few heads while trying to also get your gear together and get off the plane in good time. We got the red fleece with footballs which was good for a 6 yr old boy but there are lots of designs to choose from on the TravleSnug website. DSC_0013

Liam carried the TravleSnug all the way as it was light enough for him and and handy enough I could squeeze Captain Bananas into the strap so it was one less item to carry for himself. On our first flight from Dublin to London we did not break out the TravelSnug as it was only a short hop and in the ealry evening time so no need but we were then thrown all up in the air with delayed flights and changes which meant the next flight from London to Hong Kong was delayed. we boarded at 21:30 and the first thing i did was unfurl the TravelSnug and set up correctly on the seat. To say this was easy is an understatement. you simply unclip and place on the seat, place the seat belts through the loops on the seated part and place the child onto this. strap him/her in and place blanket on top, easy.

DSC_0034 (1)


Liam was able to sleep 9 hours on the first big flight and anpther 5 on the second flight from Hong Kong to Cairns in complete comfort and i am 100% certain that this would not have been the case without his seat/pillow TravleSnug. Along with the FlyTot the TravelSnug got a lot of attention fro fellow travelers looking for the website where to purchase and details as it was not seen before. Flight stewards were so impressed when i folded it it back up into a handy back pack for Liam to walk with again when getting off the flight. all done in a matter of a min or two.

In short, if you have young kids get the travelsnug from




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