Would we move down to Port Douglas

We have just landed in Port Douglas for a 4 week vacation and as a little look see to gauge would we consider a move into Australia 

In short bloody right we would. I have always been in a family environment that would move frequently to different countries, the wife on the other hand is a home bird and would not move but more in the last 10 years a bug is there that has been eating away at herself.

We decided to head down to Australia as the sister in law is living here and we wanted to give the kids a vacation of a lifetime. I knew this was always going to be a reccy for a possible move and for herself once she landed and discovered that snakes were not waiting behind every bush it would be on the cards.

We are now looking into a move in 2/3 years in order to do enough research into a viable move down here with enough money and jobs that would suit us both to live.

We need to also look into;-

  • leccy and Gas bills
  • schools
  • living cost
  • car
  • jobs
  • rent
  • water
  • and lots lots more.


Let’s see what happens in the future but The Working Dad might be blogging from Oz in the future.


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