FlyTot Review en route to Australia

OK let’s start this of with the disclaimer that Flytot were able to send over a unit for review upon request as we needed something to help us on our vacation with Liam this summer. For new readers Liam suffer from JIA Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, a condition that effects multiple joints and leads to a lot of pain and discomfort.

So what did the Flytot offer us this summer? In short a brilliant device that I was able to use in flight post take off that inflated to fill the gap between seats on board aircraft. This in turn meant that Liam was able to stretch out flat and get some sleep in great comfort.


So with out this device Liam would have had multiple joints effected but pressure caused by his legs hanging down from the seat creating a downward pressure on hips, spine and thighs and thus creating major pain and discomfort.

When you get the Flytot you need to try it out in the home first to get an idea of inflation and size. The supplied foot pump and tube was great but there was a whistling sound that I felt would create a little too much attention. On the plus side it did fully inflate the device in a couple of minutes.  However I found out after deflation that I could as easily inflate under my own steam in as quick a time. So I opted to leave the pump in the house.

As this is not fully sanctioned to be used during flight I did wonder if I would be allowed, as it turned out the team at British Airways and Cathay Pacific were only too happy to let me inflate post takeoff once I explained what it was and why it as needed. I am sure they would have been as accommodating if Liam did not have JIA. I also would have pointed out that there were plenty of passengers using blow up pillows which in effect is what this is.

During flight once in take off mode I placed the Flytot on the floor between the seats, and puffed away, the Flytot was inflated again in very little time, and Liam was able to stretch his legs out and was so comfortable. I was truly impressed with this item. It even drew a few looks from people around and I was only too happy to provide details and had a conversation on the device and they were as impressed as I was.

When we landed in Hong Kong the lead flight steward pulled me to the side and asked where we got this device as he has never seen a child sleep so well on a long haul as when using the FlyTot. High praise indeed and none more so than from Liam whom had hours of unbroken sleep in a comfortable position.

In short if you have a tot and travel on flights then you really need this for long haul trips. Post need you undo the major value and due flaunt in seconds, roll up and strap up, store back in your carry on and you are done.



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