So very very close – 2 days to go

WOW time really does fly and we are only two days away from takeoff…. sooooo not ready

It seems like yesterday that i decided that we as a family would head down under for a trip of a lifetime. The kind of trip that appears as a Saturday film that my wife would watch where the family all finds itself. The kind of trip that as a kid never happened and I thought would never happen to my family but it is. It two days we take off from Dublin Airport and head to London Heathrow for a couple of hours before we board a Airbus A380 to Hong Kong for a 1/2 day look around and then onto Cairns before we drive to Port Douglas.

This is a kind of bucket list vacation for me as i get to mark off a few items.

  • Fly on the Airbus A380 – I am such a nerd and geek for this stuff
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Visit Australia
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • Visit a real life Rain Forest
  • give my kids the adventure they will remember forever.

Have to admit now however that while i have spent a long time in preparation of this trip I now find myself in a bit of a panic in case i forgot something. Also now getting concerned on how we leave Hong Kong Airport to have a look around the city. Will we be allowed back into the airport, do we need visas? although i know the answers I feel a weight to get this stuff right so everything works with out a hiccup and stress free.

The big things we needed to get right however – Cooler bags for Enbrel meds, How is this for stupid though, Enbrel in the US make a cooler ba for travel however as I am in Ireland I cannot get one. We spent weeks trying to find a bag suitable enough to last the journey with a gel pack. We need to keep his meds below 25c and have a near 36hour journey over three planes.  While the gel packs work we fell on a really stupid simple solution in case they run of of cooler power, ziplock bags and a few cubes of ice, should work a treat.

Next up will be Liam and making sure he is ok during the flights as this is a major event for his little limbs to cope with. To that end we have the FlyTot @FlyTotTravel that is an inflatable device we will use on the long haul flights to help take the pressure off his spine, hips and legs. He will be able to spread out and relax and most importantly have as little discomfort in relation to his arthritis as possible.

We are just looking to review a couple more products so fingers crossed we get the Polaroid CUBE and MS 950/XL from Microsoft (fingers crossed they arrive in time)

Speak soon –


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