20 years and still going strong

Wow myself and the good lady wife will be married 10 years this coming September, where did the time go?

So myself and and the good lady wife are married ten years this coming September but more than that we are as close as dammit 20 years as a couple. 20 years is an easy number to say but when i think about we were 23 when we met and fell in love,  23! we were kids for crying out loud.  This little musing is about time and how to keep a relationship fresh and strong.

Quick background check, I moved to Ireland in 1996 for 6 months after having a not too interesting time in the UK. I was ill, unemployed and had a partner that cheated on me with a few other men so I decided enough was enough  and moved to Dublin for a little while and stayed with my Grandparents, I needed a break so this was it. While here i needed some cash so i started driving a taxi and while doing this one night i met herself.

We had a few dates all was going well and she decided i was worth a punt. We get on like a house on fire, She is very funny and quick witted, on the first date i discover two things one of which would keep us together the other could drive us apart. 1) She loves football and sport 2) She supports Man Utd! Being a Liverpool fan this was a near deal breaker. However we keep on dating, we go on a number of holidays as couples do and the more time i spend with this amazing woman the more i fall for her.

One day a number of years later we get engaged, have baby one, Dylan, get a house Then baby two comes along, and here we are 20 years later….

Saying 20 years together is easy, however thinking about it I was in my early twenties as was herself. In this context it has been one hell of a journey. We have suffered death and life, good times and bad. We have only had to arguments that I would consider serious but not even close to causing a split.  Most of our little spats are over in a few moments and these are few and far between. We have been through multiple kidney stones, PCOS, bones breaking,  poorly kids, happy kids, Juvenile Arthritis, and lots more than i have forgotten. However through it all and through every year the one thing that remains is how happy and in love I am with my wife.

A couple years back I was working for a new start up and it was tough. So bad that I was effected mentally and was suffer mild depression. After a talk with herself  i was give permission that  I could leave and find another job. This was massive as it took a weight off me that was so heavy it was crippling. As soon as i took this out I was able to find another role in a company that was much more me and as a result I went back to my normal. I dread to think where I would be without this type of support.  Off all the things I could get as a present in September there is only one thing that means anything.  My thanks and love for the last twenty years and a promise that to herself and the boys I will do my best for them everyday.


Love you all and to my wife, Happy Anniversary and here is to many many more and a picture in my head of us sitting old in rocking chairs on the porch of a house by the beech watching our boys play with the grand children……. that would be awesome.

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