Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear review

So good I bought another pair….

Lets get the disclosure stuff out of the way, the good folks at Sennheiser sent me over a set of the Momentum In-Ear buds for review for Android devices, These were so good I bought a second pair from Amazon for the iPhone 5s.

Before we hit the review I want to point out that my reviews are from a user point of view with very little or no tech jargon at all, So if you are looking for certain buzzwords head elsewhere. This review will be based on my own experience of the ear buds and how they perform for me a techdad.

As part of my day I like many others commute to and from the office. Each journey is 45 – 60 mins and is on a coach rather than a rickety old bus. Even so there is a certain noise level on this journey from the couch mechanics, air brakes, passenger sounds and general noise one would expect. When i get on the first thing i do is get the ear buds on and listen to RadioX on the app or watch a film on Netflix or a album on Google Play music. Either way anything to relax me for the journey ahead.  With this in mind I was also aware of my trip to Australia that is right around the corner and wanted something to cancel the noise on the airplanes on our flights.  My goals for earbuds is to drown out as much ambient noise as possible while little me enjoy music/films in a good volume with decent sound reproduction.

The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear in short are brilliant. For the price these are pretty much unrivaled in sound delivery and noise isolation. Lets start with the packaging. These arrive in a small box which you open from the bottom breaking a small seal. Open from the top and you will destroy the packaging as it is a glued top flap. Once open you pull a tab which reveals a foam inner with a cut out in which sits the premium carry pouch for the ear buds. There is also a smaller cut out which houses a few silicon bud tipds so you can get the size just right for a perfect fit in the ear canal.

The set I have are a fetching red and black in colour with the buds having a silver accent on the end with the Sennheiser logo etched on. The cables are flat with an inline control box where you can control volume and incoming calls. Once past the cable control the cables black and flat and anti tangle technology (fancy speak for your not spending weeks getting knots from the cables) which works.

So onto the important stuff, sound.. These are amazing sounding. I had the good fortune to also try a pair of Sennheiser noise cancellation over ear headphones the other week and while good they did not sit right on me and even at full tilt I could easily make out street and car noises on my walk to the bus stop. On the bus comparing to a set of bog standard Samsung in ear buds i thought the Sennheiser were quite weak.  These Momentum In-Ear however are a different breed, once I fitted the right size tip and worked out my left from right I fitted the In-Ear buds the right way up and all was good, there was near perfect cancellation of ambient background noise in my office. Next test was a walk to the bus and again with the volume at around 85% I could not here a DublinBus accelerate away from a bus stop when i passed. This was listening to the RadioX app and Johnny Vaughan in the afternoon show so a fair bit of talking not just music. the next test was on the Ashbourne Connect coach on the way home and WOW. I was watching Star Wars at full tilt and the sound was just immense. Great heavy bass but not so much that it was distorted, great volume, speech was clear and distortion free, the low down rumble of star ships was great and the thrum of a light saber was moving from left to right channel with ease.

In The Box

  • MOMENTUM In-Ear earphones
  • Ear-adapter set (XS, S, M, L)
  • Premium carrying case

Next was to listen to Ed Sheeran One Album and again the sound was incredible. I could here more sounds and instruments than I have heard before with other In-Ear buds and it was so much clearer.

Lets cut to the chase. I spend hours listening to music and films on a weekly basis and anted something in ear that would deliver a puncy bass filled sound environment but not cost the earth to buy and these are it. Like I said at the very start I purchase a second set for my wife for the plane and she is a nervous flyer and I wanted something to isolate plane noise and truly immerse here into a film and distract her from all the plane activity. These will work a treat.

5 STARS from myself as you will find nothing better at the sub €100 end of the market


Thanks to Sennheiser for the Android review version – Second set for iPhone was my own purchase post review set arriving for review. 









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