Sleep or rather the lack of it….

I could count on one hand the number of times i have slept through the night in the last 3 years, its not good to wake every night…

OK I think some might relate to this but i wake near every bloody night for some reason. I am a light sleeper so always have an ear out for the boys, given they have a tenancy to sleep walk but even when they dont have a wonder around the house I still end up awake in the dead of night.

I remember my granddad was the same in waking up having a glass of milk and heading back to bed again and now I am doing the same bloody thing. I need to be soooooo knackered going to bed in order to get a sleep right through, either that or have a few drinks on me which by the way is a very very rare occasion. To be honest I am in bed early enough, around 10pm and try to be asleep before 11, I am up at 5am each day in order to get  to work for 7am and this is to get out at 4pm daily. This allows for us to have a meal as a family and also allows for me to help with medicating Liam. Getting home later for me is not a great option and while i did go through a job where i finished late I found i became depressed slightly on missing lots of kids/family time.

This bring us to now, I am in the office just exhausted, was woken by Liam who had another restless night, took him back to his own bed, he again popped back to us at 3am, I ended up popping down for a glass of milk and had broken sleep until my daily alarm. Action is needed to see if I can try and sleep more through the night so I think I will invest in a new bed/mattress and pillows with memory foam, wonder if this will help?




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