What a bloody weekend…

Broke and PC then broke my back…. in bits after the weekend. 

OK so weather wise it was an OK weekend. nice Friday evening after a hectic week in work, decided that I would get the garden in order on Saturday so up I get nice and early and head off to purchase a new lawn mower. Decided a steel blade machine from Flymo was in order as i needed something  that could take longer grass and just mangle it into a nice cut, plus near 50% discount in Argos was also a deciding factor. Head on down to the garden center and picked up some peat moss and bark chippings for the front and back lawns.

So after the above have been purchased I head back home, unload the car and set to work, still early enough and sun out it was a nice day. I set up the lawn mower and while I was putting it together the little fella was asking for the box to use as a spaceship, brilliant (Photo below of the Discovery space ship). So while Liam is playing spacemen I get on with the cutting, weeding, and tidying up. I really should get down the bottle bank more often as we had a ton of bottle to get rid of, great progress was being made until giant spiders from planet scary arrived to put a halt with a bag left to sort. I  just plain stopped, not a chance i was going near both monsters so they can wait for another day.. or the wife to sort!

Back garden done i move onto the front which was a little easier to deal with and with that done I head for a shower to clean up. Sit down and decided to mess around with a GoPro that i got hold of for the weekend. When I was trying to insert a memory card into the side of my all-in-one i needed to stand up as it was not inserting correctly. I did so with a little effort and as I turned around I clipped the side of the PC and knocked it over clipping the screen twice on the way down and smashing the LCD. Now I have a broken PC and trying to claim on house insurance. withing in the next 5 mins i managed to also knock over a glass of orange juice where the PC was and also drop the GoPro I was testing, silent frustration was all around.

Sunday comes and the back and legs are in bits from yesterday gardening adventure, I have never felt so much pain as I stand watching Dylan’s team get mullerd at his football match. Win some lose some i suppose.  Get back to the house, prep for the sunday dinner, get kids school stuff ready for monday, get Liam into the bath, get Dylan in after he broke the goals we got them for xmas, now its time for bed.

Packed weekend and now back in work for a rest…………….


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