Tickets are here… GET IN

So i got a call from the travel agent the other day and the tickets were ready… BRILLIANT!

Time is ticking and we are now 6 weeks away from our lifetime trip to Australia, with that in mind I got a surprise call from the travel agent to advise the tickets were ready for collection along with the visas. I thought they would not be ready for another 2 weeks so to be honest the agent did not finish the call before i was skipping of into town to collect them.  There is something about having the tickets in hand that make this trip real, not the major hole in my bank account but a slip of paper that says flight details and date of departure.

One bonus we got from BA and Abbey travel was the pre allocation of seats on our flights. in short due to Liam having JIA I enquired on assistance and allocation of seating as booking seats would have cost me the guts of €1,100 on all flights and after a few conversations we got all seats allocated and assurance of wheelchair if Liam is having a bad day and cannot walk to far. I think there is also priority boarding for family’s on the A380 which will also help. This little thing will make life so much better for Liam in that we can now choose the best seat we can that will cause as little disruption to other passengers on flight due to him having to get up and down often.

Abbey Travel in Dublin have also been amazing in helping book this trip. I have been  in contact with them since September last year and have helped with the itinerary, picking the best flights, helping build in a break in Hong Kong and while some will say thats the job and what they are paid for in my opinion they have done a sterling job for us and would highly recommend anyone looking to book to use these guys.


We have a number of items that will be reviews from the FlyTot and TravelSnug, for Liam as well as an action cam and some other travel gadgets so pop back and see new reviews and I am hoping to post a couple of videos of the travels and the experience for us all.

See ya laters


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