The worst work week ever

We all have bad weeks in work, weeks when you are not quite with it or you / your team make a minor mistake and you take a minor verbal from the boss. this is way way out of that league. 


When in a senior management role the buck stops with you, what ever  happens with your team good or bad all comes back to you. As a manager you can pass down the praise or dish out the verbal on a mistake.  One of the approaches i take is to plan for the worst, always have a plan that covers the worst thing that could happen. What happened last week was so bad that no one in the company had a plan,  We have had to make it up as we go and thankfully its when I perform best and my teams shine.  The emergency we had has made the news and has affected multiple thousands of customers and is as bad as it gets, However through all the mess I am reminded of a certain approach that individuals, teams and companies should take at all times.

  1. Apologies – Own up! make the call, That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach will only get worse but if you find you or your team have cocked up then make the call ASAP. In this respect mistake-work-620jt121212you are taking positive action to resolve the issue as half the battle is knowing what went wrong. Once this is known your can work the problem and find a solution. Sooner you do this the better for everyone.
  2. Own the consequence – If your going to get a rollicking then take it, just suck it up and try to get over it quickly. However you also need to work to correct the blunder that was created by either your action or inaction. If you need to work overtime, work with clients in a difficult meeting, spend hours recreating files deleted then just get on with it. Also start putting together a body of work that will ensure what ever happened can not and will not happen again. You will have to accept that eyes will be on you for a while, arrive early, stay late, make every effort to show your manager that you will not let one mistake define your role in the company, mistakes are OK only if you learn and learn quickly from them. If after everything is sorted you are called up by HR  for a write up then take it and move on.
  3. Know you are not the only one –  Listen mistakes happen to us all, I have had a few and so have my teams but we learn and recover. If we do not make mistakes then we are not trying, the only thing i implore my team to do is learn and learn quickly from mistakes made, own up and move forward with a plan of action, If your mistake is really bad then speak with someone close or use the company HR to find someone to talk with to take of a little pressure.

The mistake we have to deal with will take weeks to correct and will damage the brand and reputation of the company. the cost could run into millions, however this is the time everyone is pulling in one direction to resolves the issues, minimize the impact on our customers and take corrective action immediately, countless people have worked mad hours and we are getting there.

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