Andropause – What is this?

So it was pointed out to me that i have become a lot more irritable over the last number of months and I want to address this.

In short over the last number of months, maybe year I have become more irritable. I find that looking back I have a shorter fuse and less patience than i normally do. That’s not to say I lose my temper or anything close to it but I am more quick to react to this that get under my skin and well lets be honest piss me off.  So as it was pointed out that this was happening more and more I decided to have a look to see why this is happening.

I feel OK in general terms, I am more tired as I am up daily at 5am and in bed at 10pm or there abouts but really knackered in the evening. I eat well, try to limit my rubbish food intake, I eat a good meal in the evening, have oatmeal in the morning and crackers for lunch. However I am still in this space of things getting under my skin where by in previous times I would have glossed over them. So what is it?

Well a little digging around on the Google Web I found out about Andropause, sort of male menopause. *While not as severe as the female menopause, the male version is lengthier, usually lasting 15 to 20 years.  About 40% of men in their 40s, 50s and 60s experience some degree of lethargy, depression, increased irritability, mood swings, and difficulty in attaining and sustaining erections that characterize andropause. 

*Typical symptoms include:

  • Fatigue, loss of a sense of well being – 82%
  • Joint aches and stiffness of hands – 60%
  • Hot flashes, sleep disturbances – 50%
  • Depression – 70%
  • Irritability and anger – 60%
  • Reduced libido – 80%
  • Reduced potency – 80%
  • Premature aging
  • Weight gain
  • Changes in hair growth and skin quality
  • Intimacy problems, such as trying to establish closer relationships with family members
  • Hot flashes, which occur only in approximately 1 in 10 men experiencing andropause
  • Osteoporosis (weakening or loss of bone mass)
  • Hair loss in armpits and genital area
  • Shrinkage in size of sexual organs.


This list sounds a little similar to women in menopause because it is the same condition.  The relationship between the ovaries, estrogen, the brain, and the pituitary are the same as the relationship between the testes, testosterone, the brain, and the pituitary.


Now of the above list there is only a couple of items here that relate to me, Irritability and anger, Joint aches and stiffness of hands, Fatigue, loss of a sense of well being. However these are enough for me to consider the possibility that I have have some miler form of andropause.

So what to do?

Well i suppose the first step was to admit that maybe my moods and character had changed, thankfully some of the major symptoms like drinking and depression, smoking, hypertension, prescription and non-prescription medications, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor circulation, and psychological problems are not present, some times it is often confused with male midlife psychological adjustment disorders because it exactly mimics depression in midlife men.   So not a midlife crisis so and nothing that would push me into the arms of a “younger model” as it were. I would suppose spotting the signs of something like this now and not letting symptoms manifest into something worse is the best thing that could happen. Hormone in balance is something the wife knows a lot of due to PCOS and for me the question is “Is this my PCOS?”

I have decided on some research that I will be taking a multiple vitamin  from Centrum or the like for Vitamin D and C and then look out for a supplement to supply niacin, zinc, L-arginine creatine which can also help. will run with Centrum for a bit and take it from there and see what the next few months are like and update accordingly.

In short if your or your partner has the above maybe its worth looking into vitamins and supplements for comabt the signs, the alternate is a 20 something blond and the impulse buy of a Porsche!


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