Traveling with a 6 year old who has JIA

So what are the challenges of traveling with a kid who has Arthritis?

So as regular readers of the blog will know we have the trip of a lifetime on the horizon to tropical North Queensland (Port Douglas) for a month in June.  This has come from a wedding we had on Achill Island last year and some very nice Australian folks we met planting the seed  of a notion to visit. Not forgetting the cost of such a journey they main thought in our head was Liam, see Liam has JIA with is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis This is a disease that affect a large number of his joints and proves that Arthritis is not just for old folks coming to the end of there life. This affects a large number of kids of all ages and Liam has been diagnosed since 3.

What considerations do we have to take note off?


Liam has a number of meds that he takes throughout the week to suppress the symptoms of arthritis on  an ongoing basis. While these are working we have picked up on that at times he is extremely lethargic after his meds. He also is now getting very very anxious on the days we need to administer his injections, as it happens during our flights to Oz he is due an injection but we have decided to omit this to reduce stress already heighten due to the flight themselves.

We also need to now arrange for a cover letter to bring the injections (sealed) onto the plane  through customs as to pack them may lead to damage and in correct storage temperatures.


Seating and Resting

So this is a major consideration, when we travel in the car Liam has a booster seat in the rear of the car. When sitting here he also has another hard plastic booster seat that is wedged between the front seat and his seat in the back in the foot-well. This means that he can place his feet on this and take the pressure off his hips and spine as these come under load when his feet dangle freely. So what can we use to boost his feet in the same way. We are considering bringing the booster seat we use in the car but also noted a new device called the Fly-Tot that is a inflatable cushion that fills the void between the seats and allows for kids to rest there feet and in effect make a little bed. We are reaching out to see if we can test and review.

We are also looking at bring a cushion and pillow to allow for a decent sleep but spotted the TravelSnug that combines these items into one product. So fingers crossed both of these will allow Liam to have a very realxed travel  adventure in comfort.


So a little while ago I reviewed the Asus Tablet and this will be the device of choice to bring with us on the flight for Liam. This will allow me to pack a few films and music he likes to while away the hours on both long haul flights. The cool this is that it came with an extended battery so more power and the flights both have USB charging sockets at the seats so we can charge and play  so taking the stress from me over a battery failure!



The next item and last is snack and food, my understanding is that so long as it is not a liquid  or banned meat item we can bring some snacks on board. my plan is popcorn, crisps, jelly sweets from the Natural Food Company. Anything that is familiar and he likes that will keep him happy is fine with me. We promote healthy living etc but when flying its a happy time and a few treats will be fine and will go done well.

Hopefully I will update on how we get on and any travel tips i come across I will share when we arrive down under or on our return… if we return




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