OZ countdown, missing chocolate and grumpy teen…

So Oz trip 2016 is really coming together, we have the case of the missing Easter egg and a grumpy teen, just a normal week so..

So Paddy’s came and went and all was good, Easter came around in a matter of a week and again most things went well, We called into town to visit a Ireland 1916 rising exhibition and to be honest we all thought it could have been much much better. The main exhibit in the GPO is quite small and we buzzed through it in a few minutes, there was a cool video wall though but being loud Liam could not stay as he was a little scared.

Onto the Easter Egg that went missing, Dylan decided to eat a whole egg and then lied that he did so. The issue was not the chocolate but was the lies about not eating it and not remembering! So Mum played the real emotional card and i played the tough card and withing 30 mins he “remembered” that the chocolate was indeed eaten by himself, bloody amazing.

So then we get onto the Oz trip and planning is really ramping up now, We have the balance of the tickets paid, we have 95% of the spending fund there, over the next 10 weeks the rest will fall into line. We have the Revolut pre pay card loaded with funds so all good. We have a number of items on the way that will lend them self to a better trip experience.

  1. MoleSkine Travel Journal – record the trip, pictures, drawing, ticket stubs, photos etc, already have it stuffed with flight information, travel insurance etc.
  2. Case for underwater photos on the phone – Due to having a Galaxy Note 5 getting a good case is hard, Already review a case which was bad so on the hunt for a new one. WildTek seem to have something that may work.
  3. Waterproof Beach Bag.
  4. Travel pillows
  5. Meals are booked on the flights
  6. Films are pre loaded onto tablets in addition to in flight entertainment systems
  7. Messenger Bag from STM – great for all the tech needed for the plane.
  8. Document and passport wallet. Keep it all in one place.
  9. Visas – need to get into the country.
  10. Private group on Facebook to give family only a few photos of the trip.


We also have a few hours to kill in Hong Kong and as such will nip out on the AIrportExpress into Hong Kong Central, have a spin on the ferry, back onto the big wheel at the bay and a walk around to have a bite to eat and a quick shop for a Chinese dress for mum and all done. so long as A) not raining and B) Liam can walk after the flight.

So 10 weeks and counting to the big day and everyone now getting a little more into it…


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