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Well folks, as some of you are aware I recently purchased a nice Peugeot 508 Allure with a 2.0d engine and what a car it is, I did however find a darker side to buying a car on the likes of DoneDeal where a high volume of UK imports are clocked. 

Lets wind the clock back a little (see what i did there…) The start of the year I started to look into trading in my VW Passat in order to get a newer car, not a brand new one mind just move into 2011/12 range, not made of money ya know. Now when i was looking there was a fair amount of UK import cars and knowing that these were better specced and the mileage would be not too high.

 Now what I found on sites like and others was a large amount of imported clocked UK cars. It was truly shocking the volume. So if you have no idea what a clocked car is then simply it is when someone turns back the mileage of a car to make it appear to have less miles than it really has. This has the advantage of getting the seller more money for the sale then they would normally get.  I am not well versed in the how to’s but i would think given we are in a digital age that it really is as simple as a plug in adapter and a laptop  plus 5 or 10 mins and your set.

So how can you tell if a car is clocked. Use the power of google for a start and look for a site called MOT Checker (or click this link) This site when you know the English reg and make will give you some information that is vital when checking a cars history.  Lets take a look at a car that is as of today (30/03/2016) for sale on by a seller called Frank.

Frank you see has a few cars under different mobile numbers, Below you can see the English Reg in different formats, make and model with advertised milage and then the mialge as per the offical UK MOT checker figures, these different mileage figures are highlighted.

YR12TFU / YR12 TFU / YR 12 TFU – Ford Mondeo advertised with 87,200mls, MOT’d with 159,113mls on 24/02/16

AO61ZCK / AO61 ZCK / AO 61 ZCK – Kia Ceed advertised with 87,500mls, MOT’d with 159,174mls on 22/01/16

YF62DZL / YF62 DZL / YF 62 DZL – Skoda Yeti advertised with 84,000mls, MOT’d with 137,400mls on 07/12/15

Here is the Kia Ceed model on

If you click on the photos the Reg is on display for all too see and so from this you can take the Reg pop over to the MOT checker and confirm the mileage (see photo below).


As you can see the Ceed has a listed 87500miles on the ad but is confirmed by the MOT checker as per below screen shot to be much more on offical records.


Now Frank on has 3 cars for sale at this time that are all clocked, see So  in closing if you are looking to buy a new car and looking for a UK Import please please please do your homework, the minimum that will happen is you buy a car that has false mileage however it could just as easy be a car that has been in a heavy accident and was a cut/shut or have HPI outstanding and thus you may lose the car and not have a leg to stand on.

If you happen to find a car for sale that you suspect is clocked please report it to the admins on to have the ad removed ASAP. To be honest I think need to do more in a proactive approach to check these cars for sale are legit and can stand up to checks before they go live to the public. To this end I have reached out to to ask this very question in that any car advert posted should be paused while a member of the team check out and validate the information on the car. Once confirmed the car ad is made live, if anything is amiss then simply reject. I will let you know on a follow up post the response.

I decided to buy an Irish car after checks from and a full service history provided from the previous owner as proof of work done and only then was I happy. Spending a little money up front may save you a bunch of hassle down the road €30

Do your homework folks.

UPDATE; after a call with Finbar in DoneDeal he assured me that a call was placed to Frank and the cars were removed and placed up again with correct mileage. Frank claims these were honest mistakes in mileage claims and no intention to defraud was meant as he was just lazy. To be honest that is the worst cop out i have heard in a while. Both myself and Finbar were in agreement on this.  DoneDeal have since added the MOTChecker site to the list of sites to check if you are looking to buy a car imported from the UK from a seller on this site. All I can say is from the point of view in DoneDeal I think more can be done but at least they acknowledge the issue and have some thing in place to educate the buyer.  It still comes down to buyer beware!

Disclaimer; Although this post is in relation to cars I have found on I do not suspect that or any employees who work for DoneDeal have any knowledge of or support the selling these cars or others. These cars could easily be for sale on other web sites trading in Ireland. I also do not suspect DoneDeal of any wrong doing.  

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