Batman vs. Superman, Loved it!

So Batman and Superman came together at last in the big screen to duke it out, or so the tag line would have us believe. 

Have to be honest, while I am a massive Batman and Superman fan and have touched on the comics from time to time I would not consider myself an uber-fan. I would say however that when this film was announced I was like many others really excited to see how it would play out so myself and Dylan popped along to the Showcase cinema in Ashbourne on Friday night to find out.

Dylan to be fair was not really looking forward to this film, he is just not a massive film fan and really not into comic book films, or anything geeky or nerdy at all. However he tagged along and was more into the popcorn and slushy he was being treated to but it was great to get out for a boys only film (something we hope to do a few times this summer). We both noted however that as we queued to get into the screen showing the film the fans started streaming into the cinema. Very rare that a queue forms to get into a film in Ashbourne being its a (Very good) local cinema.

So with popcorn in hand and some other treats that cost me a small fortune we headed into screen 2 and sat down and waited around 40 mins after everyone was let in , then ads, then trailers, then more ads, then another trailer and then another ad the lights went out. The Irish Film board screen pop up and I am really excited to see what is about to unfold.

Bruce Wayne at the funeral of his parents runs off, falls down a well, lands in a cave and is lifted from said cave by a mass of bats swirling around him, Its a dream/nightmare for Bruce in this world but this films starts off stark and dark and remains there.  Now a lot has been written about this film and lets be honest my little blog is not going to put so much as a microscopic dent in the takings of this film or push more people to see or stay away, in short my opinion accounts for very little.

So onto th film it self, i think to be fair we as the audience do not need to be spoon fed the origin of Batman again. We all know by now what happens in his life to get him to where he is now, We know Thomas and Martha died in a street robbery. Like we all know Supes came from Krypton. Its does not need another rehash. Aside from this I completely got why Bruce was so pissed at the son of Krypton. I get the anger he feels and know why he thinks he needs to stop Superman

However, I loved it and further more Dylan also came out saying it was “way better than I thought is was going to be”. there has been a lot of negative reviews on this and for what its worth I think these are looking for another Avengers style light hearted, colorful turn and that is not what this film is about or delivers.  What it delivers is a dark brooding Batman, with a Superman who has not yet found who he truly is, he needs the help of the Bat and it takes him a while to figure this out. Also you have to remember that this Superman has been sheltered by Jonathan Kent to protect him from the world and not let him use his powers and discover himself. He did not get a light introduction to the world in saving cats and the like, his first foray into the limelight was a knockdown fight with Zod in which a large section of Metropolis was flattened with a large loss of life. To this end some people question him and his motives, Bruce being one of them as he suffered a loss of “family” when Wayne towers was hit in a big way. You also have to factor in that Lex Luther is manipulating Bruce to hate the Big Blue Boy Scout and it worked.

The film also introduces Wonder Woman and to be honest no actress is ever going to replace Lynda Carter but Gal Gadot is ok. We also get a glimpse of the Justice League members in videos emailed from Batman to Diana Prince but why they had logos on the folders was very strange… The film is set up nicely for a sequel and also the Justice League universe as a whole.

I think this film has generated a lot of hate for daring to be different to the Avengers but I have to admit I really loved it and cannot wait to see the R-Rated version out in July. If this is the start of the summer film festival then bring it on.

4/5 stars from me


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