The pain of Arthritis

Sometimes as a human when something is done repetitively you forget how bad or good it is. Injecting your kid on a twice weekly basis is no walk in the park. 

Yesterday evening like many other Tuesday and Friday evenings I had the displeasure of injecting my son with Enbrel. a biologic medication that counter acts the effects of Juvenile Arthritis, This medication allows Liam to lead a semi normal life. If this is not continued the Arthritis comes fighting back at a rate of knots and renders him unable to move due to the pain in multiple joints from his ankles, knees, wrists and more besides.

The above attached photo was taken by me as a reminder to amount of meds that we submit Liam to on a weekly basis. It reminds me because being a normal person I forget as time passes what he goes through everyday and this is a real slap in the face that I cannot forget how much pain is goes through in his fight against a crippling disease.

There are many more kids and parents who go through a lot more than we do, I am blessed that we are able to somewhat control the pain and control the spread of Arthritis as many cannot use or afford these meds. Still I would gladly take all the pain in the world to have Liam live a life that will be pain free…


If your child suffers from Arthritis and you need support from a parent group please contact iCAN over at or join them on Facebook.

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