Oz plans coming along..

So the trip to Oz is getting ever closer and we really need to step up a gear to prepare properly

In short this is the family trip of a lifetime, we are taking a month out over the summer and by going to Australia via Hong Kong. My sister-in-law lives in Port Douglas so our trip will take us on the following route, Dublin, London LHR, Hong Kong then into Cairns. Leave on a Thursday afternoon and arrive Sat morning local time.  some 20 hrs in a metal tube with wings filled with highly flammable jetfule to a country who have insects that can mug you! ok the last bit is made up but god they have mad stuff out there.

We are just about to pay the remainder of the flight cost to the travel agent and have the visas issued. Next is to finalize the spending money and then we start building a list of stuff we need to get or do in the next 8 to 10 weeks.  This will give us a three week buffer to get set. I am one for planning this out to the last item and do not want to leave anything to the last minute.

Kids are starting to get excited about the travel, and seeing Australia traveling on the worlds largest passenger plane in the Airbus A380, The great thing on this if I understand correctly is that from the moment the kids get on board they can play games and watch the on board flight entertainment so all good here. Any tips for getting them to sleep please leave them in the comments section.

Wife is scared of flying so really hoping all goes well and she has a relaxed flight but not really happy at the moment. myself, petrified of large spiders, in short I am not happy at all. I have to address this as I can see myself throwing the kids in between myself and a spider if the need arose. So I was thinking of approaching Dublin Zoo for a little help on this, it really is that bad,


In any case on wards and upwards for the day and fingers crossed we have tickets and visas issues for the end of the week.



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