Paddys Day is here…

Morning everyone, so Paddys is here and it is time for a few days off

For my best laid plans on getting the LightWaveRF fitted to my sons PS4 I failed. Time is a bitch sometimes and I just did not have enough of it to get everything i needed done while looking after the kids, running the wife to work and just plain doing stuff that needed doing. However I will say the LightWaveRF Light socket and link box is working like a boss in the house and am really impressed. Funny thing happened the other day in that mum was looking to turn up the dimmer and could not figure it out, Liam (6) showed her how to turn on, off and turn up and down the dimmer switch using the new LightwaveRF dimmer we fitted. I was really impressed and to be honest it speaks volumes if a 6 year old can manage it.

So the last week or so has been mental in work, loads to do with a 5 year strategy plan and a new CRM project to kick off. However it is Paddys day now and a well earned break, Finished up today (Wednesday) and not back until next Monday, RESULT.  Off to Achill Island for a few days, will cook a nice honey roasted ham for some nice sandwiches and maybe a nice meal after a few Jack Daniels.

We then head into a 4 day week next week as Good Friday is here so over the next couple of weeks we have only a few work days to contend with, ahhhh to be in Ireland.

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