LEGO® and Marvel have joined forces once again to unveil buildable playsets based on the new Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie.  The film premieres in April 2016 and centres on a feud between Captain America and Iron Man that leaves the Avengers in turmoil.  Now Marvel fans can recreate favourite moments from the movie in miniature brick form…

76047 Black Panther Pursuit (RRP £29.99)

Role-play a Super Hero pursuit with the Black Panther Jet, Captain America’s 4×4 and Winter Soldier’s motorbike. The set includes a jet with opening cockpit and two stud shooters, Winter Soldier’s motorbike and Black Panther, Captain America and Winter Soldier minifigures with accessories.


76050 Crossbones’ Hazard Heist (RRP £19.99)

Intercept Crossbones’ escape truck with the Avengers!  Crossbones has stolen a case of dangerous toxic material and stored it in a container on the truck.  Team up with Black Widow and Falcon to stop him.  Give chase on Black Widow’s bike and use her batons to deflect shots from the truck’s stud shooter.  Fly into action with Falcon and detach the Redwing drone.  Explode the container, attach the case to the drone and return it to safety! The set includes Crossbones’ escape truck, Black Widow’s bike, Black Widow and Falcon minifigures and accessories.


76051 Super Hero Airport Battle (RRP £69.99)

Stage an epic battle at the airport, featuring an air traffic control tower with two different explode functions and a luggage cart with an explode-function rear trailer.  Fold out the wings of the dual cockpit Quinjet to take off and open the rear hatch to drop the rope for Captain America to grab. Then turn the switch to unleash the jet’s hidden stud shooters. The impressive set includes a 10” Air craft control tower, Qunijet, Luggage cart, and six minifigures with accessories: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, War Machine and Agent 13. As well as an Ant-Man microfigure and large Giant Man figure.


The new Marvel Super Heroes LEGO® collection is available from 1st March 2016. For more details visit

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