LEGO release Classic Batman Sets

Recreate famous scenarios and construct your own adventures with the new LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes sets.  For the first time LEGO® introduces a Mighty Micros range for younger DC Comics Super Heroes to build something super and defend Gotham City…

76061 Batman™ vs. Catwoman™ (RRP: £8.99)

Stage a Batman™ vs. Catwoman™ car chase with this fun set designed for younger DC Comics Super Heroes fans. Take aim with Batman’s Batarang and grappling-hook gun to stop Catwoman escaping with the stolen milk carton filled with diamond-style translucent elements. Includes two Mighty Micros minifigures with mini legs: Batman™ and Catwoman™.



76062 Robin™ vs. Bane™ (RRP: £8.99)

Rip into battle with Robin™ against Super-Villian Bane™ with his Mighty Micros driller featuring a rotating drill. Both vehicles have turning wheels while Robin has a grappling-hook gun and Bane is armed with a dynamite element. Includes two Mighty Micros minifigures with mini legs: Robin™ and Bane™.


76063 The Flash™ vs. Captain Cold™ (RRP: £8.99)

Drive The Flash’s Mighty Micros car at top speed towards Captain Cold’s snowplough. Featuring fun accessories such as Captain Cold’s freeze gun and snow cone, this role-play set includes two Mighty Micros minifigures with mini legs: The Flash™ and Captain Cold™.



76053 Batman™: Gotham City Cycle Chase (RRP: £19.99)

Pursue Harley Quinn on Batman’s Batcycle, featuring big wheels with rubber tyres and rotating stud shooters. Attach Harley’s hammer to her bike and fold out to knock Batman over. Her ally Deadshot is flying with his jetpack and firing his stud-shooting bazooka to add to the role-play action. Includes three minifigures: Batman™, Harley Quinn™ and Deadshot™.



The new DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO® collection is available from 1st March 2016. For more details visit

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