Teenager in the house, dad’s learning

So this past weekend was a little on the mad side. Teen up late, mum not well, little one wants to play all the time, dad on Xbox One

This past weekend kicked off on Friday with the normal football training run, 8-9pm in the next village over Dylan was at training while I waited in the car watching Amazon Prime on the iPhone. We get home and as it was Friday and Dylan decided to head to bed early, mum was not well so was already in bed and Liam was also asleep I decided to have a pop onto the XBox and started playing Forza 6 and Star Wars Battlefront.  Yes I am a big kid at heart and like my gaming and to be honest both these games are brilliant.

Roll into Saturday and I went out to do a little car shopping, may have a car but may also fall through as a call from the garage confirmed to me they got some key details wrong and so a delay is on the cards. If it falls through we are agreed to keep the Passat until early 2017 and see if we can get a different car then. So a little shopping under my belt on the way home, popped into Argos for a birthday present as Liam was at a party on Sat afternoon and then back home again.

More gaming as it was raining and there was little else to do while mum was in bed with a migraine and Dylan is studying.  Sat evening comes around, Liam collected from the party and boys fed with some quick healthy food. Sat bedtime and I get the boys into bed as Dylan will be up early for football. I head up around 11pm (late night for me….!) Now this is where dad skills come into play. I wake up around 20 past midnight and went to get a drink when walking across the hall i here Dylan talking. I walk into the room and he sits bolt upright with a look of shock on his face.

I ask what is going on as he has the ipad to hand! Not happy i went to have a pop wen it dawned on me 13, iPad, late night, shocked………….  in my head the calculations compute and I decide discretion is the key approach here. lets not embarrass the lad but all the same it is late and he needs sleep so I grab the iPad and tell him to go to sleep. Now I head back to bed and think if he was looking at adult site then how the bloody hell did he manage that as I set up a filter etc on the router and he has parental controls on the iPad. This now keeps me awake and so I get up again and grab his iPad for a look see.

I find pages and pages of… Fifa Futsal card exchange web pages and a few YouTube music vids. Bloody Fifa cards. OK so good thing it was not adult sites but now I need to address this in the morning.

Morning comes around and I knock him up, he starts to complain then can see my face and decides to not take that route. While having his breakfast however I do bring up the events of the night and remind him I can see what he did so before he answers take this into account. So the questions “What were you looking at on the internet?” he admits music and fifa cards and hands up admits he lost track of time.  All ok and I could see this was the case, you can always tell when your own are spinning a yarn.

New rules now in play, no iPad in room after 9:30pm weekdays and 10:30pm weekends. enforce filters, add fifa to black list for late evening, pay for secure-teen pro license for his phone. It could have been embarrassing for him but not this time, although we are moving into that territory and discretion will be needed. Its all fun being a dad…………….




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