What a bloody half term we have had

Death, birthdays, ad shoots and that was just Wednesday!

As with many families with kids at schooling age we had our half term this past week. As is the normal approach mum was at home looking after the little angels (???) and I have been working. A plan was in place to try and keep them both occupied and free from killing each other with boredom. Like all best laid plans however it was a waste of time.

Just before the holidays kicked in we had news of a death in the family, wife’s uncle died in London, Did not really know him that well but sad none the less. Due to work how I could not attend the funeral but this put a downer on the weekend.  forward a couple of days and our cat died. OK he may have been only a cat but to us he was a member of the family who had been with us for years.

Tuesday rolls around and we get news of another death and so Jodi attends the removal and funeral, Wednesday comes around, my birthday (back of the net) however news of another death and so we needed to go to a wake, Liam had a photo shoot with Dylan for Barretstown. Thursday comes around and a funeral to attend for Jodi and Liam in hospital for bloods test and check up for his JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis). Friday is here and another funeral for Jodi.

Bloody hell its been a busy downer of a week. We are both spent and very much looking forward to a weekend with nothing going on.


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