Achilles our pet cat died…..

Like most families we have a pet, we have had Achilles for 12 years and yesterday he died. 

Over the weekend we noticed that the family cat Achilles was not looking the best, very slow and tired and not eating. While drinking a little milk he sneezed a few times so we put this down to a little cold. In fairness he was looking very thin and his fur was matted on his hind quarters but given he was an outdoor cat this happened from time to time.

To give a little background a little after my sister in law died in 2004 we were back on Achill Island, Co. Mayo and there was a litter of kittens at my wife’s nannys house. these were ferral cats but one was not backward in coming forward and we decided to bring him with us to Dublin. As he was born on Achill we named him Achilles. He was a ginger cat but was never an indoor cat.

One thing we always wanted was a cat that was great at being in the house, was comfortable with people and was happy to laze around and sit on your lap or sleep at the end of the bed. Achilles was none of the above. He was an independent as they come, we tried and tried to get him to settle but that was not him so we let him do what he wanted. In short he came to us for a feed and then would be off for the day. From time to time if he had a cold he would spend the night in the house but he was always our cat. he always would come back to the garden on a sunny day and laze in the sun. He was very nervous but always maintained his wild streak.

Yesterday my wife got up took the kids to school and noticed he was laying in the garden, he had died during the night. it looks like he just gave up and was ill from something as the weight seemed to drop off him over a matter of days. thinking back to the weekend he was not right when i look in his eyes and he was really looking to have company as he settled on the sofa, he wanted to have his cheek rubbed and we did just that. we opened the back door and out he scuttled. Sunday morning rolled around and true to form he was at the back door looking for breakfast. We wanted to bring him in but again true to form he wanted brekkie in the garden. We had to go out to football and on return he was no where to be seen.

My wife says that cats go away from the home when they die, they want to be alone, Achilles did not want that, he died in the garden next to the family home. We buried him yesterday evening in a nice little coffin in the back garden.

Liam called me up in floods of tears as it was his first experience of death. He was just sobbing down the phone, and in his tears of sorrow he said the “Achilles was dead….. can we get another pet?”  We had a little talk last night and Liam decided that he did not want to say he had died or was dead, he was “gone” and that was that.

My wife was more upset than i thought she would be, I think it was the connection with Achill and her sister as it was his home.

Have a great sleep little friend, you will always be a part of the family……


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